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So, here it is a list about best of the best fanfictions i’ve ever read. Best of the best means by reading them i can burst into laugh, tears, and left being sooo affected. Well, it depends on our personal taste if you like it or not, anyway. I’m just sharing and not doing plagiarism. Just find the links by yourself if you’re interested in one of them. Last but not least, ENJOY THE MASTERPIECES! πŸ˜€

Damaged by aquariuslover — YUNJAE AU series, it means you gonna read about boyxboy relationship. FYI, this is the very first fanfiction that can left deep impression for me and made me fall in love with our sexy Jung Yunho LOL. You can find Damaged on the writer live journal at

Absolute Chanyeol by leadernim — BAEKYEOL 1 shots boyxboy relationship (but i feel more like super sweet bestfriend relationship when reading it). It also has a kind of sequel called Be Human but honestly i’m not really into the sequel. This is an EXO fanfiction and I’m crying so bad in the end of the story. Super sweet. I love this one very much. FYI, it just happened that the writer deleted this FF from her account so i don’t really know where you can find the link to read it.

48 Hours by idon’tknowhowtotranslatechinesename and translated by heecups — KRISLAY chaptered (the boyxboy relationship is just begin when the story reaches the end). I got a mental breakdown after reading this. Really impressive writing. Cool translating. The concept, plot, and the characters are just so perfect. Great pieces. But i do warn you, this fanfiction is really dangerous for your psychological condition, especiallu when you’re a die hard EXO fan. Oh, and i’m reading it by downloading the PDF version. Just googling it so that you can find the links.

Gashiyeon by idon’tknowhowtotranslatechinesename and translated by honeyiceblend (1st part: Reduced Horizon—completed) and happycolour (2nd part: Thorn Lily—on going) — YUNJAE hardcore fanfiction. I heard that Jaejoong even read this FF (it already made into a book in korea. amazing, rite?). Angsty, so prepare your box of tissue. The English version hasn’t reach the ending, actually (it even hasn’t reach the 3rd part: Fox’s Cradle) but it does really great. FYI, i already warn you that this FF is a hardcore YUNJAE FF so just don’t read it if you haven’t reach at least 17 years old. This time, i’m serious. You can find the links by googling and

Okay, so that’s the list of best of the best fanfictions i’ve ever read. Anyway, i’m on track of reading ARBITRAGE and ANTEROGRADE TOMORROW and both of them are EXO fanfictions, so if they’re considerate good maybe i’ll add the list πŸ™‚


thankyouandiloveyou, readers πŸ™‚

9 pemikiran pada “Recommendation

  1. Surga yunjae keknya pindah ke sini. hahaha… entar berkunjung ah… hehe

    tapi itu damaged banyak bener chapternya ya?? o___o
    kamu punya rekomendasi buat yg oneshot ato twoshot yunjae gak? πŸ˜›

    1. hahaha malah banyakkan FF EXOnya loh unnie.
      iya panjang, ada 49. aku taunya juga dari bee-unnie.
      kalo yg one/2shot belom pernah baca unnie. tapi kata anak2 di grup FF di AFF banyak yg bagus one/2shot yunjaenya.
      ntar deh kalo aku udah baca aku rekomen yg bagus yaa unnie πŸ™‚

  2. setuju buat Damaged. lebih baik baca yg versi englishnya. oiya kalopun ada yang nranslate ke bahasa indonesia selain bee-eonni itu berarti ilegal loh ya. soalnya cuma bee-eonni yang diizinkan oleh Kyusingbest (aka Aquariuslover) untuk nranslate Damaged ke Bahasa. :))

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