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The Best Man: An Invitation


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My heartaches behind these shadows. My face brightens up as I see your smile. I worry that you might notice my feelings. And I get scared that the gap between us would widen. I hold my breath. Then I bite my lips. Then I pray that she would leave his side (Wedding Dress-Bigbang Taeyang)



Without Words [12]

taken from back-to-five.tumblr.com


Title : Without Words [12]

Author : Yuridista

Genre : Friendship, slightly romance and yaoi

Pairing : YunJae

Rating : AA-PG

Length : Multi Chapter-2.075 w

BGM : Love Is Like A Snowflake-Xia Junsu (OST Nice Guy)

Disclaimer : Fanfiction ini dibuat semata-mata untuk kepentingan hiburan dan seluruh karakter yang terdapat di dalam fanfiction ini bukan milik penulis. Ide, plot, dan alur cerita murni dari hasil imajinasi penulis. Tidak diizinkan mengcopy-paste tanpa seizin penulis.

p.s : previous part is here.