Title : Pretending

Author : Yuridista

Genre : Friendship

Pairing : Homin

Rating : G

BGM : Only Tears-INFINITE (well, i supposed to use this song for The Fallen Princes series but, yeah, i think i’m just not in the right mood to write that one ^^v)

p.s : Wow! My first time writing in English! Hope you won’t mind with my must-be-awful-English. I’m still a beginner for this thing, you know. So, just enjoy this if you are interested. Hope i’ll be forgiven. Kekeke~~~


“So, tell me Hyung, why in the end we still end up being like this?” Changmin asks, turning his head to Yunho, who sits beside him in their dorm-kitchen floor.

Yunho raises his eyebrow and says, “Being like what, you mean?”

Changmin takes up the soju bottle in front of him, then answers lazily, “Like two broken-hearted man that already gave up on their life?”

Yunho straightens up his body then replies unexpetedly, “You never tell me that you broke up with your girlfriend. Wait…you even never tell me that you have a girlfriend!”

Hearing those sentences makes the younger man sighs then rolls his eyes in annoyance. “Look at you, Hyung. You will always become like this when it comes to Jaejoong-hyung matter.”

Yunho’s eyes blinks once. “Jaejoong…matters?”  He says in a painful tone.

Changmin sighs again. “I’m sick seeing you like this, Hyung. You looks so much older when you’re being like this. It’s been almost 3 years since our separation but all that you can do is pretending to the world that you’re absolutely fine when in reality you’re no more than a broken-hearted man that can not escape from his gloomy past,” he says it clearly, without a single hesitation.

“Changmin-ah…” Yunho whispers, almost fail to hide his true feeling to his maknae.

Changmin raises his hand, asking Yunho to not interrupt him. “Can you just stop pretending, Hyung?” He asks softer this time.

“I…I don’t know, Changmin-ah.” Yunho clearing his throat, suddenly feels uncomfortable with no reason. “Am i really just pretending for all this time? Am i never look sincere in your eyes?”

“Of course not, Hyung.” Changmin shakes his head. “I’m pretty sure that you are still full of sincerety sometimes…”

“And may i know when is that, Changmin-ah? When is it that you think i’m not pretending that i’m fine?”

This time, Changmin’s eyes are focusing into Yunho’s teary eyes. He sighs, then smiles slightly when he suddenly realizes that this old man beside him is the only person that he has for now and how grateful he is for having him like this. For that reason, he reaches Yunho’s hand and says sincerely, “You never pretending when you’re with me, Hyung.”



4 pemikiran pada “Pretending

  1. Yunho no more than a broken-hearted man that can not escape from his gloomy past.. that was changmin thought about yunho. Dan kdg2 ngeliat HoMin skrg aku jg mikirnya begitu. Apalagi kalo ngenang2 mrk masih berlima dulu. Duh.. duh.. kok nyesek bgt yaa rasanya…

    1. huhu iyaaaaa 😦 kangen sekali sama mereka berlima 😦
      tapi sekarang cuma bisa berdoa mereka bakal baik2 aja dengan jalannya masing2 :’)
      thank you for commenting 🙂

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